Flavio Bosco was born in Milan (Italy) in 1977. Since he was a child he has always had a gift for art.

He used to paint and color anything around him, during secondary school he trained himself to draw comics’ characters and next he attended a painting course for two years….but the traditional painting tools can’t gave him what he was looking for, that is soft shadings and fine details. That’s why in 1999 he purchased his first airbrush, a tool that contributes to giving life and color to his paintings.

Since then, he cannot do without it!

What is really important for him is looking at the subject he is going to represent in order to paint it in every single detail, this is one of the reason he has always loved portraits.

Flavio always tries to give his best any time he paints, giving importance to every detail.

He paints on custom motorbikes, cars, helmets, snowboards as well as different objects.

He cooperated with some foreign magazines such as “Art Scene International” (Germany) by writing some “step by step” articles, as well as Italian magazines such as “Maxi Tuning” that published some of his paintings on cars.


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